Year after Azerbaijan LGBT movement commemorates Isa Shahmarli

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One year ago today we witnessed how lack of education and lack of information can make people cruel. He was always smiling, cheerful, colorful, happy and hopeful. But we did not manage to make his life as colorful as he wanted. Our society has not come to the point to understand that it is not a choice, it is not an illness, it is not a sin. How many people has to suffer, how many has to be miserable, how many has die – for society to understand this?

Homophobia should have died, not Isa!

Isa and other brilliant guys like him can do a lot for our country. That is why; We call people to be more tolerant. I wish no one comes to a point to choose between life and death. Before judging anyone, try to get to know them. You cannot solve this issue by isolating them from society. God created us differently; and we must love everyone despite their difference.

No one should feel himself alone. We call out to youth – no one can understand us better than ourselves. We must kill the hate in ourselves. It is a crime towards mankind to discriminate people due to their religion, race, and sexual orientation. Let’s love everyone, so that we lose no more lives.

Suicide is never a solution, has never been, and will never be. Let Isa be the last one to die. And let fight against discrimination start with his death. We recommend everyone to keep safe from hate. From the hate that comes from within you, and the hate which can come from outside… Because, now you can see, HATE KILLS.

This video will neither bring back Isa, not ease our pain. But maybe there is someone out there, who feels alone, helpless, and thinks he is being an object of homophobia as Isa; and this video can help them.


In addition to Baku, Isa Shahmarli was also commemorated in Washington, Copenhagen, Kiev and Tbilisi. Balloons were released into air to remember and honour Isa. Humanist residents of other cities can also join this campaign and, by doing the same, can take photos and email to

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