Two LGBT organizations of Southern Caucasus met in Tbilisi

Baxış sayı:

Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance and Identoba from Georgia met in Tbilisi in order to create LGBT network of Southern Caucasus. The discussions were led over the LGBT rights in Southern Caucasus, and their social status, along with the legislation of these countries and homophobia issues.

The president of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance Cavid Nabiyev said: ‘it is important to pay attention to the legislation of the concrete country in order to prevent the homophobia in society. Although both countries joined to International organizations and conventions, they don’t implement the defense of homosexual people, stemming from these documents. Law enforcement authorities also play a significant role in the violation of rights of LGBT people. They misuse their authority and involves homosexual people into sex work’.

It is very important that, both organizations will cooperate in the direction of the defense of LGBT rights in Southern Caucasus.

The lawyer of Identoba Nino Bolk talked about the events that have taken place in Georgia recently: “Unfortunately, this is not inherent only in our society, but all societies suffer from homophobia. Our activities were criticized and we were judged in the propaganda of homosexuality.

This is not propaganda; this is the defense of the fundamental human rights which we will never abandon. It is true that, Caucasus is our common house, and it is very important for us to work together in order to provide the respect for all individuals’ rights.

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