EU Parliament Resolution – Azerbaijan is dangerous for LGBT people

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Historical day in the Azerbaijan LGBT movement. European Council, European Parliament has never paid specific attention to LGBT situation in Azerbaijan. At last, in it’s resolution related to Azerbaijan, on 10th September, EP addressed to LGBT rights in Azerbaijan.

The article 12. of the adopted resolution states that:

  Is extremely concerned over the situation of LGBTI people in Azerbaijan;
– Strongly condemns political hate speech against LGBTI people coming from the highest levels;
– Calls on the Azerbaijani government to stop obstructing and intimidating human rights defenders working for the rights of LGBTI people;

In 2014 Azerbaijan took the 48th place on International Lesbian Gay Association Europe’s (ILGA Europe) list of countries by situation of LGBT rights. Azerbaijan is only ahead of Russia on this list, and it’s considered to be one of the dangerous places for LGBT individuals. Although Azerbaijan is a member of Council of Europe and Eastern Partnership, Azerbaijani government is failing to fulfill any of the obligations about LGBT rights that were undertaken. There were no legislative acts or even laws about hate crime have not been adopted up until now.

Also, during this year, 3 deputies of the Parliament have stated to the media that LGBT rights could never be recognized in Azerbaijan. All this shows that homophobia is on the government level in Azerbaijan. Also, hate calls occurred numerous times on media by journalists and government officials.

Most homophobic MP of the National Assembly (Milli Majlis) of Azerbaijan – Fazil Mustafa officially sharing hate speech against LGBT community. The MP evaluates gender change as contrary to nature and human morality and called on society to show a tough stance against LGBT people. According to the MP, the main reason for the spreading of such instances in Azerbaijan is the “lack of true religious ideas” and he also considers homosexuality as a threat to Islam: “There are attacks against the moral values of society. Therefore, it is inevitable to take measures against such cases. This is why society must take a tough stance against it.”

The MP thinks that sex change is an act of rebellion against Allah. “I regard a person who moves away from one’s own nature as a rebellion against Allah. This is a rebellion against the creator. If Allah created a human as a man, afterwards how do they turn into a woman? A person has to stay the same as he/she was created.” The deputy added to his thoughts that some of those working in government are rumored to be homosexuals and that such persons cannot be in government positions.

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