Criminal proceeding commenced in order to defend LGBT rights defender

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The president of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance has met with the substitute of the chief of Sumqayit city police department Suleyman Nematov and head of investigation section Bahruz Hajiyev. During the meeting the head of organization informed them about the situation of homosexual people in our state.

He said that, homosexuals who faced with violence can’t turn to law enforcement agencies for help.

The reason is that, there is no confidence and they don’t provide anonymity. Also, Cavid Nabiyev said that, he subjected to the humiliation of dignity and honor, and to physical violence. As the police didn’t begin the proceedings, such cases of hate crimes are increasing. That is why law enforcement agencies must co-operate with LGBT organizations in the order provided by the legislation.

Suleyman Nematov said that, he personally will deal with this case: ‘we have never discriminated people on the basis of their gender, religion or political views. All the people are equal and we try to restore their violated rights, including homosexual people. This is our professional duty. Therefore, we will investigate any issues regarding to this.

At the end a criminal case was opened in relation to the insults and violence against Cavid Nabiyev.

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