Because of family pressure gay teens committed suicide in Azerbaijan

Baxış sayı:

Crackdown on LGBT community by Azerbaijani police which more than 100 people affected, now sorrowful news following LGBT community. 2 gay persons committed suicide because of family, society people. Heartbreaking news came from Baku and Ganja (second largest city).

After sorrowful news from Ganja, another heartbreaking news came from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. 

Fellow students of the Moscow State University (Baku brunch) informed our team regarding terrible news about Chingiz.

17 years old gay teen just started his first semester at the faculty of psychology. His friends said: After dyeing his hair and having an earring, Chingiz became a target of homophobic people around him or family members. He was living openly with his sexuality and always struggled because of the homophobic attitude of other people against him. People were always bullying him, acting strangely because of how he looked like, making disrespectful jokes about him.

The non-ending pressure affected him. He said to his friends about the struggle which he is facing, struggle which he goes through and he has not more power to endure all of this.

His group mates from university assuming that he committed suicide on 4th November by jumping down from the 17th floor of the high building where he was living. They assume that the reason of suicide is the homophobia based discrimination and pressure of family which he surronded.

But parents of Chingiz are denying this information. They related his death with a car accident.

In fact, the Khatai District Prosecutor’s Office (Baku) started criminal proceedings under Article 125 (bringing to suicide)

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