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Lets ask president of Azerbaijan, officials questions about LGBT rights in Azerbaijan

As a LGBT organization we are very interested that, the issues regarding LGBT rights in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan’s obligations on LGBT rights are brought up for discussions between Azerbaijan and European Council. We... Read more »

Nefes LGBT and Dutch embassy blamed for enmity against Azerbaijan

Head of Karabakh Liberation Organization Akif Tagi illiterately remarked his opinion in media and blamed Dutch embassy for ‘enmity policy against Azerbaijan’. The reason is organized 17 May IDAHOT event – LGBT... Read more »
Azərbaycanda ilk dəfə Homofobiya ilə Mübarizə Günü

Day Against Homophobia in Azerbaijan

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First LGBT press conference in Azerbaijan

First LGBT press conference in Azerbaijan

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LGBT organizations held first time ever press conference in Azerbaijan

Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance and Free LGBT Azerbaijan made a press conference in RATI’s office today. In the meeting there was citizens of Azerbaijan who are LGBT supporters, European Union, Norway and... Read more »

LGBT organization established in Azerbaijan

The meaning of “Nefes” is “Breath”. Organization aiming to protect the rights and freedoms of LGBT people in Azerbaijan. Nefes will focus on advocacy such as rights and liberties of LGBT people... Read more »
Nəfəs LGBT

About Us

Since 2012 Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance is working for social change, social organization, education and political reforms in leading issues of the day. The main purpose of the organization is to end... Read more »
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Düyməni Gizlət

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