Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance is accused of provocation

The 1news web-site is acting under control of the Administration of the President of Azerbaijan Republic. In this article the activity of the alliance called provocative against Azerbaijan. We think that this... Read more »
Nəfəs LGBT

Nefes LGBT officially terminates work in Azerbaijan

Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance officially till unknown date work terminates in Azerbaijan on 10nd of February, 2015. The sociopolitical situation in the country, increasing number of arrests and chasing of individuals and... Read more »

MP’s hate speech will increase the hate crimes in Azerbaijan

On June 24th, in the Sabail region of Baku, a transgender woman Ayla Demirova, 27, who lived on 26 Said Rustemov Street was stabbed to death. For the year 2015, this is... Read more »

Year after Azerbaijan LGBT movement commemorates Isa Shahmarli

One year ago today we witnessed how lack of education and lack of information can make people cruel. He was always smiling, cheerful, colorful, happy and hopeful. But we did not manage... Read more »
İsa deyil, homofobiya ölməli idi! | Homophobia should have died, not Isa!

Homophobia should have died, not Isa!

Read more »

Hate crime – Lesbian murdered in Baku

A Lesbian was killed by her sister yesterday in Baku. According local media, suspected family member (sister) made statement about the reason of incident. She believe that her sister was a lesbian and... Read more »
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Officcial website of the Nefes LGBT hacked

Official website of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance was hacked. It is likely possible that the hackers are a religious extremists. While entrying to webpage “There is no place in Azerbaijan for you!... Read more »

Violence against LGBT Activist after LGBT-Gender Forum

On August 7, M.N (fictitious name), a member of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance was subjected to violence by family. M.N’s parents attempted to burn him with gasoline. Also, they demonstrated acts of violence.... Read more »
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First LGBT – Gender forum held in Azerbaijan

LGBT – Gender forum was held in Baku for the first time. About 40 LGBT people and other tolerant non-LGBT people took part in this forum, held by “Nəfəs LGBT Azerbaijan”. The forum... Read more »
Ilham Aliyev's answer doesn’t reflect the truth

Ilham Aliyev’s answer doesn’t reflect the truth

Ilham Aliyev: ‘Situation with freedoms doesn’t differ from situation which exists in your country.’ This answer doesn’t reflect the truth of Azerbaijan which is on 46th place out of 47 Council of... Read more »
Düyməni Göstər
Düyməni Gizlət

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