Because of family pressure gay teens committed suicide in Azerbaijan

Crackdown on LGBT community by Azerbaijani police which more than 100 people affected, now sorrowful news following LGBT community. 2 gay persons committed suicide because of family, society people. Heartbreaking news came... Read more »
Berlin LGBT protest at Azerbaijan Embassy

Berlin LGBT protest at Azerbaijan Embassy

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In Baku happened again hate crime

Some people which included in this case was arrested. According to the Ministry of İnternal Affairs unknown persons seized by robbery 100 USD, 75 pounds and wigs of victim. Read more »
İki Gay metroda əl-ələ tutarsa nə baş verər | Sosial eksperiment

Social experiment

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Iran using homosexuality as a tool for uprising in Azerbaijan

President of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance, Cavid Nabiyev commented on Mansour Haghighatpour’s threats to Azerbaijan: “Homosexuality cannot be used as a tool regarding religious matters. Azerbaijan’s LGBT community supports building up a... Read more »
Homosexuality isn't choice

Homosexuality isn’t choice

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18 years old lesbian committed suicide in Baku

18 year-old Hamida Mammodova, a self-described lesbian, committed suicide in Baku. Through several Hamida’s friends, we have discovered that after exposing her identity to her parents, Hamida left her home in Beylaqan... Read more »

Ulrike Lunacek concerned about the crackdown on LGBT people in Azerbaijan

Last Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the human rights situation in Azerbaijan, in which it denounces the intimidation and repression of LGBTI people, as well as those defending their rights.... Read more »

Next hate crime in Baku – Transvestite person committed suicide

24 years old Transvestite committed suicide. As organization we investigated this nuances and in the end as result we find out that the person which was an article in news paper was... Read more »

Le Journal International wrote about LGBT rights situation in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is better known for its extravagant architectural revival to host Eurovision in 2012, and soon the first European Games in Baku in June 2015, than for its defense of political transparency... Read more »
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