First online Newsletter was relaesed in the history of LGBT Azerbaijan

Online newsletter was released for the first time in the history of LGBT Azerbaijan. First issue includes January, February, March, 2014. Read more »

Biased sentence regarding the appeal of LGBT rights defender

Head of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance Cavid Nabiyev applied with a complaint to the police department of Sumqayit in connection with inappropriate sexual harassment in one of the social networks , defamation, blackmail murder... Read more »

Criminal proceeding commenced in order to defend LGBT rights defender

The president of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance has met with the substitute of the chief of Sumqayit city police department Suleyman Nematov and head of investigation section Bahruz Hajiyev. During the meeting the head... Read more »
Nəfəs LGBT

Next hate crimes: LGBT people in Azerbaijan are defenseless

In Azerbaijan protection LGBT citizens is not provided by law or by state appropriately and we can see it’s adverse consequences. Two hate crimes occurred during the last 10 days and one... Read more »

Conchita answered questions of Azerbaijani LGBT community

Dear Conchita, operating in Azerbaijan on behalf Nefes LGBT Alliance we’d appreciate the opportunity to ask you just a few questions.Firstly we are pleased to see you at the Eurovision Song Contest.... Read more »

Two LGBT organizations of Southern Caucasus met in Tbilisi

Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance and Identoba from Georgia met in Tbilisi in order to create LGBT network of Southern Caucasus. The discussions were led over the LGBT rights in Southern Caucasus, and their... Read more »

The meeting Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance and European Union

Today has been held the meeting between Nefes  LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance and European Union. The political adviser of EU’s Baku Mission Alexandra Krasteva, Councilor’s Adviser Ovidiu-Viorel Naftanaila, Program director Məryəm Hacı-İsmayılova, President of... Read more »

Nefes together with GALE makes research on right for education

Nefes LGBT in cooperation with GALE – Global Alliance for LGBT Education makes a project on “Research Right for Education”. The aim is to examine current situation of education for LGBT in Azerbaijan... Read more »

LGBT people in Baku being blackmailed by authorities

Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance has conducted an observation in the social networks in which Azerbaijani LGBT people are active. Observations carried out by our alliance and appeals received showed that, the number of... Read more »

Nefes LGBT applies second time for registration

Being founded in 2012, Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan has not been legally registered yet. Despite of the fact that, the request for legal registration has been sent to Department of Prime Notary of... Read more »
Düyməni Göstər
Düyməni Gizlət

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