Underway campaign against the LGBT rights defender

Baxış sayı:

Azerbaijani government has concerned over the participation of the head of organization in conference together with Civil rights defenders (Organization – Civil Rights Defenders), his criticism of political regime in Azerbaijan and his remarks on undemocratic elections’ impacts on human rights, as well as LGBT rights.

The reputation of organization and its head is being destroyed among society, especially among LGBT people.

Gender and Development, the only LGBT organization during the years, which also co-operates with government, is being used in this smear campaign. Workers of Gender and Development, as well as its head, are insulting and intimidating head of Nefes LGBT Javid(Atilla) Nabiyev in social networks.

It is not the first case. In January Nefes LGBT Azərbaycan held a press-conference after Isa Shahmarli’s suicide. Then, they criticized this conference and again insulted, humiliated Cavid Nabiyev on facebook. Cavid Nabiyev condemned undemocratic state system for the absence of LGBT rights in that press-conference and expressed his interest in reforms. Furthermore, Cavid Nabiyev criticized Gender and Development for the reasons, that: although they have great resources, they didn’t work on to tackle homophobia in society, to improve legal basis for LGBT people, including their unrealistic remarks, such as ‘human rights aren’t violated in Azerbaijan’ which misleads international community. They didn’t interested in the criminal case of Isa, either. As Cavid Nabiyev for the freedom of expression and fair elections, Gender and Development calls him ‘enemy of government’, ‘opposition’ to ruin his reputation. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that, their smear campaign is of great interest to appropriate authorities.

We call for international organizations to comment on this case, we call for Gender and Development not to mislead international organizations by saying ‘there is no violation of rights in Azerbaijan’ in various international projects, not to propagate against the head of Nefes LGBT and not to be used as a tool of black PR.

Nəfəs  LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance was established in 2012 to provide defense of rights and freedoms of LGBT people, to initiate bills and statutes in this realm, to make the legislation work properly, to carry out reforms in the educational and healthcare systems and to take actions in order to eliminate homophobia among broad masses toward LGBT people.

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